SALTA saves employer over $1.4 million on COVID testing

By prioritizing what’s right for the patient and employer, SALTA continues pursuit of the quadruple aim. Post by Daniel Seidman, DO MPH Although the pandemic forced us all to evolve very quickly in March 2020, we were determined not to lose sight of our pursuit of the quadruple aim: With this in mind, we worked […]

COVID Update 9 – January 13th, 2021

Dear Members of SALTA: With the new year upon us, we are seeing what we hope is the “beginning of the end” to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of us at SALTA were able to get our vaccines, and we look forward to the opportunity to offer them to you soon! We’re excited to announce that […]

COVID Update 8 – December 16th, 2020

12/16/2020 To the Team Members at UWM: Out of an abundance of caution and consideration for our patients, we have temporarily paused on-site care at our SALTA at UWM location, beginning 12/16/20 at 12:00pm. We will resume on-site care on Monday, 12/21/20 at 8:00am. This is due to a primary exposure in our office. During […]

COVID Update 7 – December 9th, 2020

COVID-19 Workplace Exposure and Return to Work Guidelines Purpose: Limit the number of ill team members and potential for outbreaks by quickly and effectively removing team members from work, monitoring symptoms, and returning to campus as soon as safely possible. All team members should engage in physical distancing, frequent handwashing, and the wearing of a […]

COVID Update 6 – August 31st, 2020

To our members: With the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic and the upcoming flu season, SALTA is here to support your health and care for you should you become ill. We continue to offer: Same-day appointments with a provider Same-day COVID-19 swabs (turnaround time 2-5 days) Treatment at SALTA of Troy or SALTA of Clarkston […]

What you need to know before getting the antibody test

Hello everybody, and welcome back to the COVID Camper! This is John Blanchard from SALTA Direct Primary Care. Today is April 20th and it’s the 27th day in the camper. A lot of the questions that we are getting in the office is about antibody testing. You are going to hear a lot about antibody […]

COVID Update 5 – June 5th, 2020

Team Members at United Wholesale Mortgage: It is our great privilege to be back on campus at United Shore, to continue supporting the health and wellness of everyone who works within the USM/UWM campus. Our digital-first approach to healthcare, initially born out of necessity, has become our “new normal”. We’ve received incredible feedback from team […]

Are you catastrophizing COVID?

Hello everybody, my name is John Blanchard I am a family physician with SALTA Direct Primary Care here in Michigan and I am here again in the COVID camper. I am here again to explain what is going on with COVID in Michigan. Today is April 13th and this is the 21st day that I […]