What is Direct Primary Care?

DPC is an innovative approach to primary care. In this new model, your provider and care team work directly for you, not the insurance company. Direct Primary Care relies on one low monthly membership fee, comparable to a cell phone bill. Delivering a comprehensive suite of services catered to your specific needs. You have a relationship with a trusted team dedicated to giving you the care you need when you need it.

 Exceptional health care outcomes

Lower costs

Enhanced patient experience

24/7 Access to physician or provider

Convenient care coordination

Continuity of care


How can SALTA DPC work for you?

"There are so many people in the doctor’s office that I fear catching something when I am there."

SALTA providers see half the number of patients each day than a traditional doctor’s office. This allows us to practice the physical distancing necessary to reduce the risk of infection.

"Why do I have to come to the office for every problem?"

At SALTA we encourage appropriate care by phone, video, or messaging. In fact, as much as 30% of the care we provide is conducted this way.

"Why do I have to see a different provider in the group every time I go to the office?"

At SALTA each patient is assigned to one provider allowing them to see the same provider over time and foster a trusting relationship.

"Why does my doctor not allow for more time to address all my problems in one visit?"

SALTA allows as much time as needed for providers to accurately address any and all problems, questions, and concerns. Traditional primary care has to see an average of 20-30 patients a day.

"Going to the doctor is inconvenient."

Stop leaving work early or leaving your bed when you feel sick. Request a virtual appointment by phone, video, or messaging.


  • Mark S, HR Director
    Employee absenteeism is down since we switched to SALTA. Healthier employees add to productivity which adds to our bottom line.
    Mark S, HR Director
  • Patricia, DPC patient
    It is extremely individualized, very personal. The staff and physician are as concerned about your whole person as they are your medical needs. It's very genuine and they really do build trust and rapport with their patients.
    Patricia, DPC patient
  • Steven, DPC patient
    The access to Dr. Di Noto is a phone call away. He, in fact, told me that I can call him at any time with any questions. I've never been given that option before!
    Steven, DPC patient
  • Terrance, DPC patient
    Joining this practice has made me realize how important communication and relationship is with my primary care doctor. Now, I can spend time with my physician who I truly feel listens to me.
    Terrance, DPC patient
  • Ernestine, DPC patient
    I decided to join SALTA of Clarkston because I have many medical needs and felt like no one was helping to coordinate my care outside of the office. Now, I have a physician who is available to me 24 hours a day and a team who helps me navigate the system when referrals are needed. I'm not going back to the traditional healthcare system!
    Ernestine, DPC patient
  • Janet, DPC patient
    Having a physician who is able to treat me in the hospital is great. But, having MY personal physician who knows me and my health needs is even better!
    Janet, DPC patient
  • Sharon M., DPC patient
    I used to feel rushed at the doctors. Now I get lots of time and if I forget something I can email or call him.
    Sharon M., DPC patient

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SALTA doctors are dedicated to knowing their patients, establishing long-term health goals, and encouraging open communication leading to earlier detection of health issues.

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