By prioritizing what’s right for the patient and employer, SALTA continues pursuit of the quadruple aim.

Post by Daniel Seidman, DO MPH

Although the pandemic forced us all to evolve very quickly in March 2020, we were determined not to lose sight of our pursuit of the quadruple aim:

  • Better care experience for the patient
  • Better healthcare worker experience
  • Higher quality care
  • Lower overall cost of care

With this in mind, we worked with one of our larger self-insured employers to develop an efficient model for COVID-19 curbside testing. This included protocols for reporting results, discussing treatment options, and generating work recommendations. These patients can call the office, speak with a provider, get tested, receive results in 15 minutes, and have a follow up telephone visit within 2 hours to review a plan for management. The test was billed directly to the employer at a cost of approximately $55, and there was no additional charge for members who received their COVID-19 related medical care from our providers.

To receive this service in Metro Detroit, one could generally expect to wait 2-3 hours (during a COVID spike), be required to have an in-person visit at urgent care, and then expect their insurance to be billed between $500-$1000. Based upon the projected savings from avoiding these visits, and the number of tests we’ve completed (2900+ swabs and counting for this large employer), they have realized savings of over $1.4 million on COVID testing alone! This is in addition to the typical 20% savings that self-insured employers enjoy when pairing SALTA with an appropriate benefits plan.

If you’re an employer looking for a better healthcare experience, while reducing healthcare costs at the same time, please visit us at to learn more.

Dr. Daniel Seidman is the Senior Medical Director at SALTA Direct Primary Care, Michigan’s largest membership-based primary care solution for individuals and employers.

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