You and your employees are paying 10-12% more each year for healthcare but getting less. It is time to start thinking differently about how you purchase healthcare.

How SALTA can work for your business:

Direct Primary Care Benefit

    • On-site location options
    • Multiple convenient locations located near employees
    • Attract and retain top talent
    • Savings of 20% of total health care cost
    • Employees get the preventative care they need sooner, allowing overall reduction of high cost medical services

Executive Health Benefit

    • Location options in Troy and Ann Arbor
    • Attract and retain top talent
    • Executive physical
total average healthcare savings with SALTA direct

Membership Benefits

One monthly fee averaging $70.00 per member per month including:

  • Unlimited primary care visits for urgent and chronic conditions without co-pays or deductibles
  • Cell phone access to your personal physician 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Virtual care appointment options such as phone and video visits
  • Same or next day appointments that are unhurried and start on time
  • Access to population health management to help assist with scheduling tests and specialty appointments
  • Comprehensive annual wellness exam including prevention, chronic disease management, and complex care
  • Custom metric reporting to the employer

Get Started Now.

Contact us. We can develop a plan specifically for your company and outline all the benefits and savings you can expect by switching to SALTA Direct Primary Care. Healthier employees and a healthier bottom line for your company awaits.