You and your employees are paying 10-12% more each year for healthcare but getting less. It is time to start thinking differently about how you purchase healthcare.

Improve attraction and retention while lowering cost with a benefit your employees cannot resist.

SALTA Direct Primary Care saves 20% over traditional healthcare coverage. While current care is mostly reactive, SALTA is proactive focusing on creating and maintaining health. For your business this means healthier and happier employees, with less absenteeism, and fewer catastrophic cases; adding to your bottom line.

How SALTA DPC can work for your business


  • Employees get the preventative care they need sooner, allowing overall reduction of high cost medical services
  • Manage your employee and dependent population
  • One low monthly fee for your employees to receive the health care they deserve and desire without worrying about an increase in their out-of-pocket costs
total average healthcare savings-FINAL

Membership Benefits

One monthly fee averaging $70.00 per member per month including:

  • Unlimited primary care visits for urgent and chronic conditions without co-pays or deductibles
  • Cell phone access to your personal physician 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Virtual care appointment options such as phone and video visits
  • Same or next day appointments that are unhurried and start on time
  • In-patient hospital care at Beaumont hospitals
  • Access to population health management to help assist with scheduling tests and specialty appointments
  • Comprehensive annual wellness exam including prevention, chronic disease management, and complex care
  • Custom metric reporting to the employer

Get Started Now.

Contact us. We can develop a plan specifically for your company and outline all the benefits and savings you can expect by switching to SALTA Direct Primary Care. Healthier employees and a healthier bottom line for your company awaits.