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SALTA planted its roots in 2001 when we recognized that our healthcare system was terribly broken. We had a healthcare system everyone needs but no one could afford. In short we were paying too much for healthcare and getting too little. It was time to completely re-imagine healthcare delivery and rebuild primary care from the ground up. SALTA direct primary care is uniquely different because we work for our clients – not the insurance company. We have a technology driven team approach that is deeply focused on the relationship with our members. The SALTA model delivers a exceptional health care experience with extraordinary outcomes all while lowering the overall cost of care by as much as 20%. We are headquartered in Troy and dedicated to serving individuals and corporate clients exclusively in Michigan. It is our pleasure to serve others with humility, respect and gratitude. Our success depends upon fostering meaningful relationships and practicing integrity in all that we do. We have the courage to transform healthcare and hope you join us in our effort to make health care more affordable, accessible and, exceptional for everyone.

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SALTA doctors are dedicated to knowing their patients, establishing long-term health goals, and encouraging open communication leading to earlier detection of health issues.

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