Waitress? Waiter? Outdoor services? Laborer? A business owner with less than 50 employees? Listen to a great solution to access of healthcare and lower the overall cost of healthcare when you need it!

We are talking to all those people out there that do not have insurance, and there’s a lot of them! A lot of our current members work for companies who have less than fifty employees and don’t offer insurance. They are making a good salary, but they do not have any insurance benefits. This is a real problem because they have a hard time receiving healthcare that is affordable, accessible, and high quality. I am talking to all those people who are in the food industry. The waitresses the waiters, people in the roofing industry, people who are laborers, cosmetology industry, a lot of people who are making a good living, but do not have healthcare benefits. This is huge problem; people then do not go to the doctor when they need to.

I want to talk about how SALTA Direct Primary Care can help those people that do not have insurance. For example, I have a patient who joined the practice who pays $90 per month. With $90 per month, you get all the primary care that you can consume. We give 80% of your needs right here at SALTA. She is a waitress, she called me on a Saturday, she discussed her symptoms and it sounded like she had a urinary tract infection. I know her well because she has been a part of my practice for a long time, she gets frequent urinary tract infections, so I called her in an antibiotic for her and I touched base with her on Sunday. Touched base with her again on Monday and it was in-fact a urinary tract infection and she was able to get better.

Now if she did not have SALTA to go to, she would have had to go to urgent care or see a doctor if she could have been seen on a Saturday, she would have had to miss work or take PTO, and probably PTO on Monday for a follow-up visit. So, let’s breakdown what the costs would have been if she did not go to SALTA…

Most likely she would have gone to urgent care and if they did not see her before they would ordered a CBC with differential which is $11, urinalysis which is $6, a culture on the urinalysis which is $35, the first office visit $150, the second office visit for follow-up $150, and then she may have had a pelvic ultrasound because the provider did not know her and they would have wanted to cover all their basis which would have been $143. So, the total for her out of pocket because she does not have insurance would have been $495 and she would have had to take PTO work.

We are here to make healthcare more accessible, more affordable, and higher quality. We are asking all those out there who do not have insurance to keep it private, keep it direct, and give SALTA a call when you need healthcare!

You have tried the traditional healthcare system, why not try direct primary care?

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