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Hey everybody! Dr. John Blanchard here from SALTA Direct Primary Care. I want to spend just a few minutes talking about some changes I am seeing within the healthcare industry. I have been a doctor for over 25 years and what I have seen happen is the rise of business in healthcare. A lot of the things that are happening I believe are getting in the way of high quality, cost effective personalized healthcare delivery. One of those is having to go to the doctor for visits. I hear this all the time from patients “why do I have to always go into the doctor” and “why do I have to have an office visit” or “I go there and I never know what the cost is going to be and I get these surprise billings”.

The reason this happens this happens is the delivery of care today is increasingly being driven by the business of healthcare. What I mean by this, is you cannot be paid as a doctor without seeing the patient in person and billing the insurance company or the payor; and that is a big problem. At SALTA Direct Primary Care up to 50% of all the care we provide everyday is virtual. We get paid a per member per month fee by the patients or companies pay us on behalf of their employees. It is a monthly membership fee. This fee is a low monthly fee, it is very transparent, it is about the cost of a cell phone bill and for that people get comprehensive care. So we don’t have to worry about seeing the patient in the office if we can safely take care of them over the phone, or video visit, or messaging like texting and MyChart.

This can be a real pain point for some people. Getting sick is a hassle and getting better shouldn’t be. People should be bale to get the care they want when they need it, safely and conveniently. This way they don’t have to leave work or don’t have to leave their home and be able to reach their doctor for care in multiple different ways.

We are doing this every single day at SALTA. I hope you take the time to look into SALTA Direct Primary Care. SALTA Direct Primary Care works for me and I am sure it can work for you too. Keep your healthcare private, keep it direct! We look forward to talking to you!

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