We have exciting news here at SALTA for all our members and future members! We now have the Abbott ID Now PCR test. This is technology from Abbott labs that allows us to check for COVID and get results within 15 minutes. The test is as accurate as the test completed at the hospital, but the test at the hospital can take up to two days for results. So, during a time, when we need to get people back to work or help elderly family, it is very helpful to get the results back within fifteen minutes. For all those current SALTA members out there, if you have symptoms talk to your private SALTA provider, we can now utilize our most trusted, accurate, and rapid COVID testing for you!

For all those out there that do not currently have a private SALTA doctor, we are taking new patients. We would love to see you and ultimately take care of you now during this pandemic and future to obtain your health goals. We will soon be offering immunizations as well.

More about the Abbott ID Now Technology: This machine providers molecular results in just minutes allowing our doctors to determine a clinical decision sooner. This test is exclusive to SALTA members only. We are making the test available to SALTA members at cost for $60. There will be no additional fees or lab fees associated. If you feel you need a test, please call our office at 248-972-2780.

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