The Economics of Healthcare

Our country has treated healthcare as an unlimited, inexpensive resource. We’ve paid little attention over the past 70 years to how much healthcare waste occurs and how much healthcare actually costs us. To make matters worse third-party payer systems such as Medicare and private insurance, largely hide the actual cost of care from the average […]

The Importance of EBITDA

CEOs were sitting on millions of dollars of untapped enterprise value, and they don’t even know it. If you’re the CEO of a company you know how important EBITDA, earnings before interest, taxes, deductions, and amateurization is to your company’s value.

The Employee’s Perspective

So, what employers have done to deal with rising healthcare costs is increasing their deductibles. We call this the race to the bottom. It’s almost if employers are competing with each other to provide the least worst health care for their employees.

The Employer Dilemma

We call this problem the employer dilemma. The dilemma is that you have to provide a good healthcare benefit because that attracts and retains top talent in employees value their health care benefits even higher than their salary in many cases.

My Healthcare Journey

SALTA was born in 2000 and it was really a type of model of care that was a membership model where people paid a monthly membership fee for access to the care that we provide.

Finding Value in Healthcare

We have a healthcare system that everyone needs but no one can afford. And how did we get here? Well, what is value in healthcare? Healthcare value is getting the very best quality, the very best experience of care, at the very lowest cost.