Healthcare Price Transparency

In today’s pain points of patients let’s talk healthcare costs. Recently John Hopkins hospital did a study on cost and physician ordering behavior. They posted costs for 61 lab tests at the time of physician ordering. What they found was the number of lab tests per patient went down by 9% when the lab price […]

Never fear…SALTA is here!

Healthcare Access“Why do people avoid accessing healthcare when they need it?” Fear of the costTime constraintsNo health insurance Many people do not understand there is an alternative to the traditional system and therefore avoid care altogether. When people discover SALTA Direct Primary Care they are pleased to see price transparency, no time constraints, and affordable low monthly fee equating to $3/day […]

Limit the Barriers of Healthcare

In this month’s pain points of patients let’s talk patient access. In several studies primary care is shown to be critical for improving health of a population and reducing health disparities. Some of the obstacles include limited office hours, no same day appointments available, and services not offered outside of work hours. At SALTA DPC […]

Are you still going to urgent care?

SALTA is a direct primary care practice, or DPC for short. In this month’s pain points of patients let’s discuss why people use urgent care instead of primary care. This has been studied for decades. 85% of emergency visits are for non-life threatening reasons. The main theme across all studies are relationships and ease of […]

Same-day COVID rapid PCR tests available!

In this month’s pain points of patients, let’s talk COVID testing. As COVID numbers surge and people need to be tested, here at SALTA we provide curbside COVID testing for our members. If you are feeling like you need to be tested, call your SALTA office and your personal provider will triage you. Then within […]

Prescription Refills

SALTA is a group of direct primary care offices or DPC for short. In this month’s pain points of patients, let’s talk about prescription refills. How many times have you run out of medication, and you call your doctor’s office to get a refill and then they tell you an appointment is needed before anymore […]


Every month we talk about pain points of patients, but this month let’s talk gratitude! First, thank you to all of our patients for continuing to be apart of this life changing company for 20 years. Your commitment is admirable our love for you is beyond words. As for our business partners, thank you for […]