Healthcare benefits – The race to the bottom?

CEO – John Blanchard, MD

In previous video I have talked about the employer dilemma. The dilemma that employers need to provide healthcare benefits their employees love to attract and retain talent but also one that they can afford. Today, I want to talk about the employee’s perspective. From the employee’s perspective if you’re an average employer here in Michigan the average salary for an employee in Michigan is $55,000 a year. So, what employers have done to deal with rising healthcare costs is increasing their deductibles. We call this the race to the bottom. It’s almost if employers are competing with each other to provide the least worst health care for their employees. This has been a problem for your employees because again the average salary income is $55,000. 20% of the average person’s take-home pay is now being spent on healthcare costs that’s in the form of co-pays, deductibles, premium contributions. In 2006, that number was 6%. Here’s the fact, your employees can no longer afford for you to shift more costs to them in their health care costs. So, the only way to deal with this problem is for the employer to deploy a strategy that actually reduces the total cost of care which translates to a reduction in cost both for the employer and the employee. The only way to do that is through advanced high value direct primary care.

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