Do you pay wholesale price for your prescriptions?

Hi. It’s Kim, your nurse from SALTA. In today’s pain points of patients, let’s talk price transparency. When purchasing items like cars, homes, food, clothes, home improvements…consumers are aware of the price before the purchase. This is not the same for healthcare. In healthcare, the patient receives care then discovers the price. This leads to fear and prices being led by the industry not the consumer.

At SALTA DPC, we want our patients to be informed consumers. Take for example medications. If a patient paid cash for Viagra at a retail pharmacy the price would be up to $400 for a 30-day supply. At SALTA, we can directly dispense the same medication for $8.24. As the name states, we are direct. No middleman to pay, no fear of high prices.
Price transparency and going direct for primary care is the first step to changing healthcare. Thank you.

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