Written by Daniel Seidman, DO, MPH

A Holter monitor is a wearable device that works like a continuous EKG for a short period of time, typically 48 hours. We may prescribe them when our members are experiencing fluttering or skipped heart beats. These devices can provide reassurance that your symptoms are not related to the heart. Conversely, if a problem is detected, the results can push us to pursue additional diagnostics or a cardiology referral.

Physically getting the devices used to be a major pain point for our members. After the physician or physician associate prescribed the monitor, the member would have to schedule a pickup time at the local hospital (often having to wait several weeks!). Next, they would wear it for 48 hours and return it to the hospital. Finally, a few days or weeks later, the report would come back to us for interpretation. 

We are happy to announce that we’ve partnered with Preventice Solutions and will now carry these devices in the office. No waiting, no extra appointment, and typically covered by health insurance. When you’re done, you simply drop it in the mail in a pre-paid return envelope or box. 

We are excited to partner with Preventice to bring this service to our members. Solving problems like this fills my energy battery and makes life that much easier for our members at SALTA Direct Primary Care and Premier Private Physicians. Kudos to our nurse Barb Fioravante, for taking charge and getting this done!

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