Value in healthcare = the best quality + the best experience + lowest cost

CEO – John Blanchard, MD

Everyone needs value in healthcare. We have a healthcare system that everyone needs but no one can afford. And how did we get here? Well, what is value in healthcare? Healthcare value is getting the very best quality, the very best experience of care, at the very lowest cost. Everybody wants that. Everybody needs that. The problem is that we have a health care system that was purposely built to not focus on value but focus on volume of care. So, you have primary care doctors who are seeing 20 to 30 patients a day, only spending 5 or 10 minutes with the patient and they are really not giving them health care value. What we want is to have price transparency in the marketplace so that as a consumer of health care we as individuals can find the very best value and the very best experience of care, at the very lowest cost of care. And that is what we do in advanced high value, direct primary care. You have a primary care doctor who can take care of 80% of all of your health care needs. Then if you need to go outside of the office, then your care is steered to the very best quality at the very best cost, and thereby lowering your total health care costs. It’s a very economical way of accessing healthcare because in your advanced high value direct primary care office, you pay one low monthly membership fee, usually around $90 for an adult and for that you get 80% of the care that you need in healthcare. So, it’s a very economic and high value way of accessing care.

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