Hello everybody! My name is John Blanchard, and I am a family physician here in Michigan and if you have been watching my videos, I am trying to get good information out there about this virus. Today is April 2nd, day number 10 in the COVID Camper. I am living in the camper, so I do not risk bringing the virus home to my family.
Is there a cure or when will there be a cure? There are hundreds and hundreds of protocols going on around the world to treat this virus and it’s important to let the data tell us who should be treated and how they should be treated. I think it is important that we don’t come out with treatment options before we have good evidence to support both safety and efficacy which is how well they work for people. A good example of this is hydroxychloroquine. There has been a lot of things on the internet about using hydroxychloroquine and Zithromax. There are studies that are ongoing for these modalities. The thing people need to understand is that sometimes if you implement a treatment to soon you can cause more problems. So, the example is with hydroxychloroquine there can be serious side effects from that involving the heart and other areas. It’s important to not just jump on something and hope it helps. It is important to measure what is safe and effective. So far hydroxychloroquine has not been shown be that effective. I know there are stories out there, but in clinical experience it is not effective as a stand-alone modality. It is also really important that people don’t fill this medication with their pharmacy or ask their doctors for it, just in case. A lot of people are asking for it just in case they get sick. This medication is used for people that have real problems including autoimmune type of conditions that they need it now and it is effective in those people. If we do start prescribing this, we could run out of supply and those people who really need it now can’t get it. The medication is being studied and it is being used on the inpatient setting here in Michigan. As soon as we know if there is good scientific use utilizing this, then I will let you know. But for now, do not ask your doctor for hydroxychloroquine if you are wanting this just in case.
Where did this virus come from?
This is a common cold virus. What ends up happening with these types of pandemics is a virus is transmitted to an animal host and it mutates there and then is transmitted back to humans and it because of the mutation it became more virulent and became a problem for people. It appears this virus mutated in a bat and then it was transmitted back to humans in China. They have also studied the virus and there are rumors this was a manufactured virus or a bioterrorism type thing. That’s all phony and the virus has happened, and these kinds of things do happen and that is why they called it the swine flu in the past. This occurred because the virus was transmitted to a swine where it mutated and then transmitted back to humans.
Can I have GI issues with the COVID virus?
Yes, there can be intestinal issues with this virus such as diarrhea and cramping.
One thing that I am grateful for one of corporate clients
, United Wholesale Mortgage. They are one of the largest wholesale mortgage companies in the country. They have over 5,300 employees, they have been in the news a lot and a tremendously growing company and have a great leadership team, great team members. They were able to pivot very fast with moving people home to be safe and working from home. I just feel blessed they give us the opportunity to have an office right in their headquarters and during this time we have been able to continue treating their team members. I just want to give a shoutout to all the leadership there and team members. We are here for you, and we look forward to seeing you back in the office once this virus declines.
One thing positive that I hope comes out of this is helping people to understand in times of stress and when you are in a stress response. A lot of times what drives a stress response is a distorted thought. I am hoping to begin to understand that the things that happen in the world and the thing that happen life and what people say around us are not things that cause us to feel. How we feel is related to how we think about those things that happen. We have control over our thoughts and unfortunately too often we fall into thought distortions. The one I want to cover today is black and white thinking. In black and white thinking people see things in either one way or the other. As we all know there’s often a lot of grays. There is often middle ground when speaking in reality terms. So, the example with black and white thinking with this virus is if this quarantine persists, I am going to be miserable. This is a way of thinking black and white. No quarantine I will be happy, quarantine I will be happy as opposed to thinking about the gray. Yes, this is a bad situation but there’s positive thing that can come out of this. Some things may be spending more time with family, more reflection time, more time to do things, find the middle ground that makes more sense rather than all or nothing.
The reason direct primary care works for me and the reason I am happy being a direct primary care doctor is it make me a happy doctor. We focus on what’s called the quadruple aim in our primary care delivery system. We want to deliver healthcare with better quality, better outcomes, better experience, and better service of care. All of this while lowering the overall cost of care. However, having happy doctors, physician assistants, nurses, and medical assistants is important. To delivery higher quality of care, you must have doctors and providers that are also happy. This model gives me more time to spend with my family and be more present with them when I am with them. I am very grateful for this.
We currently have six locations within southeast Michigan. We are still open and here if you need us. If you want to learn how direct primary care can work for you, feel free to call Kyle at 248.922.3076. Kyle can answer all your questions and see what six of our locations is best for you or your company near you! You can also follow us on Facebook @salta_directprimarycare. OR you can search us on Google stating, “direct primary care near me!” or join right on our website at saltadirect.com
Stay safe! Love each other! I am hoping by the middle of this month we will see a peak and then numbers start to go down. We will get through this and we have to get through this together by loving each other.

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