If you are going out in public, is it recommended to now wear a mask. We are still under a quarantine and to stay home as much as possible but if you do need to go out, it is a good idea to wear a mask. We are recommending using a cloth mask of some type and not wear a medical mask. Those medical masks need to be reserved for those in healthcare and working the frontlines. It is also recommended to not have children under that age 2 wearing a mask. It is important to keep these children at home.
Today I am going to show you how to make a cloth mask. You can find how to make a mask on the CDC website as well. These cloth masks you can put in the laundry and clean with hot water. The mask is not going to protect you from the small particles in the air. But it will help you from spreading the virus as we know you can be spreading the virus and not have any symptoms. So, you that you will need is a piece of cloth about the size of a bandana. You can also use a bandana. You will need rubber bands or a couple of hair ties and you want to have a coffee filter. So first, fold the mask in half and then fold to meet in the middle from the bottom and from the top. Then you take the coffee filter and that in the middle. Then put the rubber bands on each side. After this, you will want to fold the ends in like this, and then take it a put on your face. Take the rubber bands over your ears and there you have a face mask! This is very easy to do! You can do it this way or find another way on the internet. So, use these in public when you have to go out and maintain your social distance.
One positive thing that I hope comes out of this is the knowledge of personalization. You may be personalizing or taking responsibility for someone else’s actions that are not your fault. It is not your fault that you take responsibility for something you don’t have control over. You may take something personally that someone willfully did or said to you, but it was not meant to be personal. When we fall into thought distortions it affects communication and relationships. This becomes a big problem because it puts stress on the relationship, but it also drives the stress response. It drives anxiety, it drives depression.
One thing that I like about being a direct primary care doctor is that there is no surprise billing. One of the big problems in traditional healthcare is they go to the doctor, and you have no idea what kind of bill you will receive. Those with a high deductible plan can find this very frustrating. This is the only industry where you have no idea what the bill is going to be. You can go to the grocery store, or you can go shopping you know what you are buying, and you know what it is going to cost. This does not occur in healthcare, except for direct primary care. In direct primary care we set the monthly fee for $90 per member per month and for children it is $45 per member per month. Along with this we can take care of up to 80% of your healthcare needs and problems. People will often join SALTA and then carry an insurance plan to cover all the expensive stuff. So, if you do end up in the emergency room or hospital you would use your insurance. The patient loves this model because they know exactly what they are paying and what they can receive. They can have as many visits as they need without any copays or deductibles, 24-hour contact to the doctor. It is very simple and easy to understand. It is like a gym membership but for primary care!
If you want to learn how direct primary care can work for you, feel free to call Kyle at 248.922.3076. Kyle can answer all your questions and see what six of our locations is best for you or your company near you! You can also follow us on Facebook @salta_directprimarycare. OR you can search us on Google stating, “direct primary care near me!” or join right on our website at saltadirect.com
Stay safe! Love each other! Get your masks on and stay home!

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