2020 has begun a whole new century of how we receive our healthcare. Who would have thought hospitals would halt surgeries and turn patients away because emergency rooms were full. We have been told for months to “mask up”, “wash your hands”, “self-quarantine if you have symptoms”, and “get tested whether you do or don’t have symptoms”. Our new norm has changed to working from home, or mandatory temperature screening upon arrival and every eight hours.

Prevention and proactiveness is one way to stay ahead of the pandemic and remain healthier as individuals. But how do we stay proactive when doctor’s offices are focused on virtual visits only and testing for COVID still? Direct Primary Care is the solution. The current Milliman Report of 2020 compares the traditional system of fee for service to direct primary care which is a per member per month rate rather than billing your insurance.


              Overall cost of care decreased by 19.9%

              Emergency utilization decreased by 36.39%

              Inpatient hospital utilization decreased by 25.54%

Direct Primary Care vs. Fee For Service (FFS – Traditional Care)

              86% Referred less often to a specialist

              81% Spend less out-of-pocket fees for primary care services including DPC monthly fee

              98% Increase in satisfaction with their primary care experience

The results were no surprise as our patients have full-unlimited access to their selected SALTA provider 24/7 by phone, messaging, and in-person. When the pandemic started, and Michigan went into full shutdown, many doctors’ offices closed. However, our team of providers and staff called every single patient and continued to stay open for necessary in person care. We continue to treat COVID-19 concerns as they arise. With a limited patient panel (800 in our model compared to 2400 in a traditional fee for service) we are able to see one patient at a time. No exposure to othersno waiting in the waiting room, and longer appointment times for the doctor to adequately treat, diagnose, and be proactive for any and all health concerns. Skipping your annual physical and prevention tests can be a risk to you later down the road…and for those who have insurances that make it mandatory could also have a higher than normal deductibles.

More time with the same provider creates a relationship between the patient and provider. The provider knows you, your health, and your history which in turn saves you time and money. Stop settling for 13-16 minutes with a provider that you may never see or talk to again. Stop letting insurance dictate what you can and can’t have done. Stop getting unnecessary specialist referrals when the doctor can treat or monitor themselves, and stop going to urgent care, emergency rooms, and receiving unneeded diagnostic testing! Be proactive in your health and stop ignoring signs and symptoms because you don’t have time. Instead customize your health and receive direct access 24/7 for you, because you are important!


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