Direct Primary Care Definition

Written by John August Blanchard, MD It has been suggested that a clear definition of Direct Primary Care (DPC) needs to be established locally as well as industry wide. This definition needs to be detailed and clear to prevent confusion to healthcare consumers, payers, and providers alike. We understand that DPC is a health care […]

Accresa’s services improve healthcare access and cut patient costs by 20%

Introduction SALTA was formed in 2001 after recognizing the broken US healthcare system. They realized that most patients couldn’t access care in a timely manner . SALTA decided to rebuild the primary care model from the ground up completely. Headquartered in Troy, Michigan, they have fostered deep and meaningful relationships with their members by choosing […]

SALTA Stories: Hip injections can be a pain!

Amara and her employer saved time and money (and she avoided radiation!) By receiving her hip arthritis care at SALTA. Post by Daniel Seidman, DO MPH – 9.16.2022 Amara is 59 and began suffering from some hip stiffness and pain when walking with her friends. She sees a colleague of mine for primary care, who […]

Focus Troy Business Tour

Health and healthcare are always at the forefront of people’s minds, especially during times like these. One healthcare facility, headquartered right here in Troy, recognized the obstacles that can get in the way of care and saw a need for change. Thus, SALTA Direct Primary Care was created. SALTA Direct Primary Care works for their […]

Healthcare Price Transparency

In today’s pain points of patients let’s talk healthcare costs. Recently John Hopkins hospital did a study on cost and physician ordering behavior. They posted costs for 61 lab tests at the time of physician ordering. What they found was the number of lab tests per patient went down by 9% when the lab price […]