SALTA is a direct primary care practice, or DPC for short.

In this month’s pain points of patients let’s discuss why people use urgent care instead of primary care. This has been studied for decades. 85% of emergency visits are for non-life threatening reasons. The main theme across all studies are relationships and ease of connecting. Relationships take time to develop. Traditional primary care physicians have 2500 patients on average, which makes it hard to connect with each patient. It also makes it very hard to receive an appointment when you need one. SALTA has 500 patients per provider on average. This promotes healthy relationships and ease of connecting by calling your provider on their cell phone. Being able to send a message to your provider for an urgent matter can eliminate taking time off work, driving across town, and sitting in a waiting room for who knows how long! SALTA can manage up to 80% of your primary care needs and save you money on your healthcare spend by helping you navigate the best, most affordable care that fits your needs.

So, before you think urgent care, think DPC first. We are just a call away!

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