For only $3 per day you can receive elite access to your physician with same day responses, omitting multiple barriers of healthcare.

In this month’s pain points of patients let’s talk patient access. In several studies primary care is shown to be critical for improving health of a population and reducing health disparities. Some of the obstacles include limited office hours, no same day appointments available, and services not offered outside of work hours.

At SALTA DPC we have no barriers to care. We can see you same day, phone visit, after hours, and even virtual appointments while you are out of state, on vacation or business. For three dollars per day or less you can have your own private provider, no barriers to care, and the comfort knowing you can get care anywhere, anytime. You can securely message your doctor any time of the day asking a simple questions or concern and receive an answer back within the same day. We are a company that works for you, allow your doctor to know you on a personal basis and understand exactly what your healthcare needs are. That is SALTA. We are exceptional, accessible, and affordable.

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