Hello everybody! My name is John Blanchard, and I am a family physician here in Michigan. Again, doing these videos to get good information out there about this virus and help those get through it. I am living in the COVID camper, I am doing these videos from my camper, so I do not risk bringing the virus home to my family. I work for a practice called SALTA Direct Primary care. For those of you who do not know, direct primary care is a different model of primary care where we do not bill insurance, you hire us monthly or companies also hire us to take of their employees. For that we can provide more time, attention, and access for our patients. As I am doing these videos, I cover questions that I am receiving, one thing that I am grateful for – process of mindfulness, one positive thing I hope comes out of this viral pandemic, and then finally how SALTA Direct Primary Care works for me and why I like being a direct primary care doctor.
Can I get COVID again? There is a lot of misinformation on the internet about this question. Right now, we don’t know for sure what kind of immunity the body’s going to mount in response to having COVID. We know that with other viruses that the body usually develops an immunity, and we don’t get the virus again. That is likely going to be the case with COVID but we’re going to have to track and find that out. The answer right now is we are unsure but to some level if you have had it, you have some immunity against it.
What does the COVID do to your lungs? Right now, we know it causes pneumonia, it causes fluid accumulation, inflammation of the lungs.
If they get an infection in their lungs from COVID, will they have long-term lung damage? We are still not sure. There could be scarring that occurs from the inflammation in the lungs and this can relate to long-term issues. This is something that we are tracking as well and may not know for a while.
How long does someone need to isolate with COVID? Right now, the CDC is recommending you can stop isolating after meeting the criteria of a fever being gone for 3 full days, symptoms must be getting better, and seven days since the first onset of symptoms. We believe that those who have met this criterion have a very low chance of shedding the virus. Now we do know the body can shed the illness for weeks after the, but the most viral shedding occurs during the acute stage when the person is really symptomatic with fever and cough. Once the body’s immune system responds it is very good at killing the virus and decreasing the ability to shed the virus.
One thing that I am grateful for all the nurses and administrative staff. All those others within the healthcare system who are working a lot of hours and putting themselves in dangers. Everyone who is working and supporting society today, the grocery stores, the truck drivers the police officers, the firemen are all contributing for us in society.
One of the positive things I hope comes out of this is that people realize the emergency room is for emergencies. It is for when you really have an emergent problem, and it needs to be addressed right now. For everything else you should be using your primary care provider. It is very important to have a primary care doctor that you can reach quickly and have this addressed quickly. The number of emergency room visits for other things has really dropped off. One of the largest issues in our healthcare system is people going to the emergency room for non-emergent issues like sore throats and coughing. These problems should be addressed in a primary care setting.
This relates to me being a direct primary care provider. Unfortunately, today in the healthcare system we are moving to a one size fits all healthcare system where people have to conform their needs to the system rather than the system forming around the patient. In direct primary care we bend our needs around the patient. If people need a phone visit, video visit, or in office there is no waiting in a waiting room they are immediately taken back into the exam room. The visits are lengthier, the provider is there 24/7; 365. This access has proven to reduce the number of emergency room visits and is one of the companies that result in our primary care delivery system. We reduce the healthcare cost by 20-40% because we deliver the right care to the right people at the right time and place for the right cost. This results in great saving for companies and individuals. Especially those with a high deductible plan.
Thanks for tuning in! If you want to learn how direct primary care can work for you, feel free to call Kyle at 248.922.3076. Kyle can answer all your questions and see what six of our locations is best for you or your company near you! You can also follow us on Facebook @salta_directprimarycare. OR you can search us on Google stating, “direct primary care near me!” or join right on our website at saltadirect.com
Stay safe! Love each other! See you tomorrow!

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