Philosophy of Our Partnership – Keith Christmon, MD

SALTA’s Director of Executive Health Services, Dr. Christmon speaks to the findings of the Physician Foundation Study.

Dr. Christmon currently works out of our Premier Private Physicians office located in Troy; MI. Premier is SALTA’s premium Direct Primary Care option.

Dr. Christmon, Dr. Blanchard, and Dr. Washe have been partners for over twenty years. These three individuals trained together at the William Beaumont Hospital in Family Medicine. Together they formed their first practice out of Clarkston, MI that would stand out from any other office. The initial goal was to deliver and provider a unique model of care. They wanted their patients to feel that they are truly a valued individual. Each provider went above and beyond to really know each of their patients intimately, know their family, have the patient feeling that their doctor really cares about them and takes the time to take care of all concerns. As the partners built their practice, they soon realized the strain on time. They also noticed the strain on external forces on a national level that were beyond their control. Those forces were only hindering the patient-physician relationship that these providers strived for. Finally, the partners figured out that this current primary care system was going to suffocate them and strain the level of care that each strived to meet.

Together, Dr. Christmon, Dr. Blanchard, and Dr. Washe decided to do something novel and completely out of the box. They decided to start the first ever concierge care within Michigan. This allowed each of them to go back and limit their patient panels, giving more time to the patients again, and truly loving what they do. Premier today is now one of the most respected concierge medical offices within Michigan.

The best thing, the patients love us! They truly love us because they know their doctors are intimately concerned about keeping their health at a premium, optimizing their healthcare, making sure that their issues are completely addressed, and keying in on access. If access is inhibited, then there is going to be a decline in satisfaction and takes away from their outstanding delivery system! The partners are grateful for their patients and grateful to have a practice that they can truly love what they do.

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