Get the care you need for your employees.

Attract and retain top talent with a benefit your employees’ love, while lowering your health care costs.

Troy-Auburn Hills-Clarkston-Ann Arbor

Membership Benefits

  • One low monthly fee per member per month for each employee and dependent.

  • Access to their personal provider 24/7 by in-person visits, phone or messaging.

  • Customer metric reporting to measure return on investment for your company.

Get Your Staff Back

Our core team is focused on the health of your employees. To lessen absenteeism, we offer:

  • Same day appointments on-site, near-site, or virtually.
  • Unlimited visits with no copays or deductibles.
  • Return to work strategies for COVID-19 including reduced cost on rapid testing

Reduce Healthcare Costs

SALTA can reduce your company’s health care cost by:

  • Reducing high-cost medical services such as diagnostic testing and unnecessary referrals.
  • Decreasing urgent care with same day and virtual appointments with provider.
  • Decreasing emergency rooms visits with 24/7 access to your private primary care provider.

Give Employees Access They Deserve

Employees have greater access to quality preventive care, this can:

  • Increase employee engagement while decreasing absenteeism.
  • Increase job retention with a great benefit offered to both employees and dependents.
  • Allow for the executive team to have the option of a corporate annual physical with more detailed reports of findings and suggested solutions.

SALTA DPC makes it easier than ever to get the care you need.

SALTA DPC works for me!