Healthcare costs are out of control. Anyone who’s had to manage a healthcare plan, or has even just been a patient, knows that. Expenses are growing faster than inflation and are predicted to rise at an alarming rate in the near future. SALTA-Infographic-The-Problem-2xNo wonder healthcare insurance is the single biggest expense for employers after salaries.

Your employees feel the pain, too. The price of getting sick is so outrageous, employees value healthcare benefits above any other form of compensation. Insurance was once offered as an incentive, but now is mandatory. So while your premiums keep going up, opting out is no longer an option. This threatens the survival of many businesses.

In an effort to keep healthcare costs under control, you may have tried to change up plans and premiums, shift expenses to employees, and shuffle things around to get the best coverage for the least cost. But this is a short-term fix. Premiums are climbing every year, offering less and less coverage. It’s a losing battle.

Health insurance is one expense that’s almost impossible to control. Until now.