SALTA gives employers control over healthcare expenses once again.

The solution to healthcare expenses doesn’t lie in traditional healthcare coverage. There are too many middlemen. Too many barriers to care. It’s an antiquated system that simply doesn’t work anymore. There needs to be a better way. And there is. The Direct Primary Care of SALTA. It gives employers control once again over rising healthcare costs, while delivering a level of care employees have never experienced before.

SALTA saves you money. Not only will it stop the yearly rise of your healthcare expense, it will lower it by 20%.

How SALTA gives you back your control.

There are three important benefits to SALTA Direct Primary Care. SALTA provides care that is accessible, affordable, and exceptional.


SALTA-Infographic-SALTA-Solution-Income-2xTry to make an appointment with a doctor and you’ll realize the issue with accessibility in today’s healthcare system. Most people contact the doctor when they have a health concern, but often can’t get in right away. That leaves two options: going to the ER, which is costly, or waiting, which can be even more costly and dangerous as conditions go undiagnosed. To make matters worse, higher out-of-pocket healthcare costs are keeping people from going to their primary care doctors.

SALTA-Infographic-SALTA-Solution-Delivers-2xDirect Primary Care offers patients unlimited access to their physician, 24/7, 365 days a year. Physicians are available through email, phone, and virtual consultations. And appointments can often be made next day or even same day for urgent needs. This is possible because SALTA physicians are not overcommitted as are so many other doctors. Our physicians see 70% less patients. This means more interaction, more care, and great accessibility for the remaining 30%.


SALTA Direct Primary Care saves 20% over traditional healthcare coverage. It does this in several ways. While current care is mostly reactive, SALTA is proactive. The focus is on creating and maintaining health. For your business, that means healthier, happier employees, less absenteeism, and fewer catastrophic cases, which make up a large part of healthcare spending.

SALTA doesn’t charge extra for office visits, tests, or in-office procedures. We’ve turned copays into no-pays. Everything is included in one low monthly fee. So, your employees are able to get the care they need, without worrying about an increase in their out-of-pocket cost.

And lastly, it works. SALTA was founded in 2001. In that time, we’ve established a 20% overall reduction in healthcare costs for our customers.



SALTA-Infographic-SALTA-Solution-DPC-2xIn the current system of healthcare, physicians are compensated for quantity over quality.  The more patients they can see in a day, the better.  Office visits often last about 15 minutes.  SALTA Direct Primary Care stresses quality over quantity. Physician appointments average 30 to 60 minutes. Doctors get to know their patients, establish long-term health goals, and encourage open communication that leads to earlier detection of health issues.

This exceptional care adds up to an overall better health picture for patients and a reduction in high cost medical services.

In the past, your attempts to cut costs may have focused on cutting benefits. Now, you can cut costs and offer your employees healthcare that is more beneficial for them.