SALTA-Infographic-How-Does-It-Work-ALT-2xDirect primary care cuts out the middleman. Payments are made on a monthly or yearly contract. In the current system, doctors don’t answer to patients for costs. But with Direct Primary Care, that doctor/patient relationship is restored. Patients have unlimited access to care, without having to pay per office visit fees. Access to physicians is 24/7, 365 days a year.

The focus is on patient care, offering unheard of access, such as phone and email contact of physicians, even Skype. Because the emphasis is on the doctor/patient relationship, our physicians spend more time actually with their patients. Average consultations are often 2 to 3 times the amount of time spent in traditional care situations.

Traditional vs. Direct Primary Care

SALTA-Infographic-Membership-Includes-2xWhile current healthcare is designed to be reactive, serving mainly to fight disease. The SALTA direct program is proactive and serves to create and maintain health. SALTA has a triple aim focus. Our physicians work daily to improve the experience of care, the health of populations and reduce per capita costs of healthcare. At SALTA, we gather metrics to measure our progress toward achieving the triple aim. Data drives everything we do and aggregate results are shared with the employer.