What’s in it for your company?

Every year, as your Human Resources department searches for adequate healthcare coverage to offer your employees, they get the bad news of rising costs. Healthcare expenses have risen dramatically over the past 10 years. With SALTA, you take control of costs once again.

SALTA Direct Primary Care has a single price that covers your employees for all their preventative healthcare concerns. Employees seek the care they need when they need it. Doctors spend more time developing a better relationship for a more in-depth understanding of health concerns. The result is healthier, happier employees. So, not only will you have less absenteeism, you’ll save 20% over your current healthcare expenses.

How much can my company save?

The SALTA Direct Primary Care solution has been shown to reduce overall healthcare costs by 20%.

SALTA-Infographic-SALTA-Solution-DPC-2xThis reduction is a result of bundling all of the primary care services together. Patients get the preventative care they need sooner, which leads to an overall reduction of high cost medical services.

And all these reductions mean healthier employees. SALTA reduces absenteeism, which adds to your bottom line.