SALTA is a Direct Primary Care service. It offers around-the-clock access to doctors, same day appointments, office visits with ample time to address multiple concerns, and much more. With Direct Primary Care, there is no middleman. Direct payments are made on a monthly or yearly contract. Doctors are compensated based on results, not on number of patients. And because patient numbers are lower, doctors have the time to get to know their patients and offer better long-term care.

Why is the right health plan so important to a company?

For most companies, the biggest asset and expense is the employees. The hiring, the training time, the added costs in absenteeism, the expense of mounting hospital bills, the slowdown of work; these can all work against the bottom line. Employees are the life’s blood of most businesses. Keeping them healthy is priority one for a company’s survival. The right health plan works with that single goal: lowering expense and raising expectations. It gives employees the power to seek the care they need when they need it. It gives business owners the ability to keep work running smoothly. And if it’s Direct Primary Care, it does it at a 20% overall reduction of costs.

My workforce is young, why do I need this?

Even for younger workers who are generally healthy, SALTA works better to keep them that way. A sports injury or other health challenge that’s left untreated or not caught early can turn into something worse that will take much longer to recover from, and cost more in extra hospital expenses and extra days off the job. SALTA saves no matter the age or current health picture.

Why does it make such a difference?

There are two major differences that SALTA can offer over traditional healthcare coverage. First, our doctors have a much more personal relationship with their patients. They spend more time with them. They get to know them, their goals, and their concerns. Physicians work with their patients to develop a plan for long-range health improvements like losing weight, smoking cessation, stress management and more. The second difference is a complete breakdown of the barriers to care that traditional health insurance includes. Patients are allowed to see their doctors next day or same day. There is no limit to the amount of visits. This results in patients getting care right when they need it, doctors having a better understanding of what is required, and conditions being treated in a timely manner for better outcomes.